Hydraulic Automatic Leveling System

Picture of Hydraulic Automatic Leveling System

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Hydraulic leveling system can achieve automatic support, automatic leveling. Also can achieve any one of the support legs alone support, retraction; different specifications of the hydraulic support system  , the maximum load of each support leg is 3T, 6T, 9T, 12T, the system operating voltage 24VDC.

The hydraulic leveling system is suitable for a variety of caravan , TV interchange vehicles, communications command vehicles, satellite communications vehicles, mobile stage cars, emergencygenerator and so on , which has special requirements on the balance and stability of special vehicles . Compared with the electric balance support system, the hydraulic leveling system working speed is more faster , more big capacity , every system will have professional inspection on the test bed before delivery . 

Main Function :

1. Hydraulic leveling system is main for vehicle parking, also support the whole vehicle to reducing the chassis load , extend the service life of the suspension system.

2. Automatic control mode, four support legs working at the same time, to avoid any deformation of the car beam to ensure the system work safety and reliability, the system automatically support, automatic leveling; if necessary, can control the support legsextend and retraction individual .

3. With manual pump, when the system is not power or the controller can not work, you can manually open the hydraulic valve, with a manual pump to support all the legs or receive bits to ensure system reliability .

4. Hydraulic power unit installation of one-way check valve, for the vehicle which need long time parking and support , the hydraulic leveling system will ensure the safety and reliable, long-term support .